Brazilian Waxing: 3 Common Myths Debunked

Brazilian Waxing: 3 Common Myths Debunked

Discover the truth about Brazilian waxing! Our article debunks the most common myths surrounding this popular hair removal method. Get the facts and prepare for a smooth, confident waxing experience.

In the world of beauty and grooming, Brazilian waxing has long been associated with beauty and pain. For some, it’s a daunting ordeal; for others, it’s a necessary ritual. But how much of what you’ve heard is exactly the truth? Among the many myths surrounding Brazilian waxing include the fearmongering that it will cause excessive pain to the customer, lead to increased hair growth and that Brazilian waxing is only suitable for certain body types.  

 In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to debunk these myths that have held us back. Whether you’re a seasoned waxing pro or a first-timer, prepare to unravel the truth behind this age-old practice.

1. Brazilian waxing causes excessive pain

The idea that Brazilian waxing causes excessive pain actually derives from many personal experiences such as stories, anecdotes, blind items, and sometimes reference from medias such as movies and dramas where women are depicted to have gone through a painful experience during their Brazilian waxing scene.  This has unknowingly implemented an image onto the female audiences where they associate Brazilian waxing as something that is intolerable and unbearable.

So, how exactly are they wrong? 

  1. Individual pain tolerance
  • Each person has a different level of pain tolerance.  Some people possess a low tolerance for pain whereas others have a much higher tolerance.  What one person finds excruciating, another might describe as only mildly uncomfortable.  Identifying your threshold in this matter plays a vital role in making your experience with Brazilian waxing go as painless as possible.  
  1. Post-waxing care
  • For Brazilian waxing, the after-care is extremely important to ensure a comfortable healing process for the skin.  The discomfort that you might have felt before can be alleviated by applying an aloe vera gel or any fragrance-free lotion.  Skin redness or irritation usually subsides within a day or so and should not be a concern. 
Brazilian Waxing: 3 Common Myths Debunked

2. Waxing leads to increased hair growth

The belief that waxing results in thicker hair growth is a common misconception that people have against not only Brazilian waxing but also waxing in general. Many people express concern that repeated waxing sessions will cause their hair to grow back coarser and more profusely than before.  To debunk this myth: 

  1. Finer hair regrowth
  • When people say that they are scared of the hair growing thicker, it is actually a misconception which derives from seeing their waxed hair grow thick.  The truth is that waxing actually weakens hair follicles which results in the person having finer hair.  There is no scientific findings that support the hypothesis that waxing causes thicker hair.  Instead, it is genetics and hormones that determine hair properties. 
  1. Longer-lasting result
  • Contrary to the common belief, waxing can actually help the body to be hair-free far longer than shaving.  This is because the hair is removed down to the root which results in the impression of a much slower and reduced hair growth.  Typically, the hair will grow within the span of 2 weeks in a finer consistency.  So, you don’t have to be afraid to get your Brazilian!

3. Brazilian waxing is only for certain body types

This myth implies that Brazilian waxing is reserved for individuals with specific body types only, is often conforming to the societal beauty standard.  It suggests that those who don’t fit this narrow definition should avoid or feel uncomfortable with Brazilian waxing.  In reality, however: 

  1. Body positivity
  • With the uprising campaign on being body-positive, it is no surprise that the beauty industry has become more inclusive.  Although some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of showing their bodies to other people, however, a lot of salons and aestheticians have been active in this campaign to ensure their customers feel welcomed and comfortable.  As a result, they can get the hair-free body that they have been desiring for.
  1. Body empowerment
  • Embracing Brazilian waxing is an empowering choice. It allows you to take control of your personal grooming preferences.  For example, some people might criticize your choice of going hair-free by saying that hair is a normal thing for human beings.  This is your chance to ignore their words and empower your choice by doing a Brazilian wax and becoming a happy person.
Brazilian Waxing: 3 Common Myths Debunked

In the world of beauty and grooming, Brazilian waxing has remained shrouded in myths and misconceptions for far too long among the people regardless of their gender.  It is crucial to note that embracing Brazilian waxing is a personal choice for someone, and any assumption about it, should be made based on accurate informations.  

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